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Lew French unique and artistic stone constructions

For over 30 years Lew French has been designing one of a kind, exceptionally crafted works with stone and natural materials.

Lew creates sculptural works, interiors, landscapes, fireplaces, water features, and visual art.

Lew was born in the small farming town of Zumbrota, Minnesota. He started to work with stone when he was just nineteen years old. He moved to Martha's Vineyard over twenty years ago and has worked on his own stone designs exclusively since. His work has been featured in the New York Times, House Beautiful, The Boston Globe Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Metropolitan Home. He has also been featured on HGTV's Modern Masters and local programs in the Northeast, including National Public Radio. Most recently he's been featured in House and Garden Magazine in August 2007, as well as CBS TV Sunday Morning on November 11th, 2007.

Featured on PlumTV's "In The Studio" 2009
Stone by Design by Lew French and Alison Shaw "Stone by Design" by Lew French and photographer Alison Shaw was published in 2005. In two years since, there are now 35,000 copies in circulation. After CBS Sunday Morning featured Lew in November 2007, the full color book rose to #4 at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com best seller lists.

"Stone by Design" is available now in most bookstores.

All photographs of Lew's artistry are courtesy of Alison Shaw.
You can find Alison's web site here.

You can view excerpts here.
To View the CBS Sunday Morning feature, click here  Lew French profiled on CBS News

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